A Must-Have Checklist for Hiring a Virtual Assistant


Hiring a new Virtual Assistant can be daunting if you are not sure where to even begin. It is crucial to the outcome of your relationship with your VA, as well as the success of your small business, that you know exactly how to go about hiring a VA. Here is a full guide for you to use prior to hiring a Virtual Assistant.

1) Make a list of everything you feel comfortable delegating to your Virtual Assistant

Jot down the main daily tasks that take up so much of your time, yet are crucial to you and your business. If there is anything else you feel that you could potentially hand over to your VA once you know and trust her, write those down too.


2) Search for the right-match  

There is nothing more important than finding a Virtual Assistant that you:

a) Get along with
b) Suits your personality
c) Is a good fit for your business
d) Someone that shares the same business mission as you
e) Understands what you want and gets it done

3) Prepare interview questions

Even though a Virtual Assistant is not an employee who will be based in your office, I feel it is always important to take her through a set of interview questions to qualify that she is indeed the right fit for your business. Here are some pointers you could use to find out information that you need from her:

a) How many years PA/admin experience does she have
b) Can she manage your calendar and appointments
c) What online systems does she use to run her online VA business
d) Can she work with a team (should you have one)
e) Does she have a confidentiality agreement that she can sign for you
f) Does she have an on-boarding process
g) Does she charge per hour or have cheaper retainer rates
h) Is she available to work for you on a longer-term basis
i) Make sure that you state if you have any specific hours you need her
j) Does she have any prior testimonials for you

These are just some of the important questions you should ask your potential new VA before taking her on.

4) Make your choice

By now after having interviewed a few VA’s, make your choice on who best fits the criteria laid out above.

5) On-boarding and training

Check with your VA selected if she may already have an on-boarding process ready for your initial start (any good VA should!). It would be very important that you train her at this point on the history of your company, where you would like to go with your business and on certain ways that you work. Yes it is time spent initially, but it will be time well-spent. Once your VA knows what is expected of her, she can go right ahead and start doing what she does best … organising.

6) On-going communication

Communication is absolute key when it comes to a successful client – VA relationship. Make sure clear communication lines are left open. If something is not going right, let her know so she can change or fix it. Your VA should do the exact same thing for you.

7) Conclusion

A good VA will change your life for the best and provide you with so much more valuable time to take care of every other matter in your life that you have just not had the time to deal with. Should you be looking for a good VA, I just so happen to be an international VA who is ready to assist you. To take a look at the services I offer, take a look at my services page.