Save Yourself from Getting Stuck in Your Business


As a business owner or the owner of a start-up, it is so easy to get stuck in all the details of your business. Not to mention the ever-growing to-do list that never seems to come to an end. Besides the complete operations of your business, the growth that needs to take place, clients that need to be taken care of and so much more, admin is the one area that you no doubt find yourself not finding any time for, but is also an extremely critical aspect of any business. Once you start taking on your own admin, in amongst all the other business factors, you will no doubt find yourself getting stuck in the wrong-end of your business functions. 


But is there a solution to fix this? Absolutely! If you haven’t as yet heard the term “Virtual Assistant”, let me fill you in.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is someone who offers administrative and secretarial services to small business owners who are inundated with their business and desperately would like to gain more time to focus on other extremely pressing matters within their business, not to mention personally as well. Virtual Assistant’s work remotely and therefore work completely online using online systems and technology to complete your work.

How a Virtual Assistant can help you get “unstuck”

A Virtual Assistant is equipped to help you handle pretty much anything and everything, administrative-wise that you may need assistance with. She can really dig deep into areas that you have not been able to either reach or areas that you just battle to get to. There are so many ways she can help you, here is just some of them:

  1. A VA can sort out your entire schedule and actually take over your entire to-do list and manage that process for you
  2. A VA can type up your documents, edit and proofread them for you
  3. A VA can oversee your busy email inbox and even respond to emails on your behalf
  4. A VA can prepare presentations for your meetings
  5. A VA can manage a small project you need managed
  6. A VA can make sure that you are reminded of important meetings, dates and appointments
  7. A VA can manage your social media accounts, post and engage on your accounts
  8. A VA can invoice your clients and make sure you get paid on time
  9. A VA can manage databases and keep all your client information in order
  10. A VA can follow-up with your clients and ensure that everything is running smoothly, to ensure that your clients are always happy and well taken care of

VA to the rescue

A VA really is the answer for your small business, especially if you do not want to carry the costs of hiring a full-time employee. As a start-up, you are already very aware of the costs incurred in hiring a Personal Assistant. The salaries range any where between R25,000-R45,000 per month either including benefits or plus benefits, these kinds of costs are really extreme for a small business, yet you still need your admin under control. This is where you can reach out to a Virtual Assistant and she will only charge you for the hours that she performs tasks for you, saving you a whole lot of time and pressure.

If you are ready to change the way you do business, you are more than welcome to get into contact with me. I am an International Virtual Assistant who can help get you unstuck from any obstacles you may be facing. Feel free to reach out to me here .